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Beware of the 2010 Flu Shot  Monday, December 06, 2010

Today my secretary told me that after she and her husband both got flu shots they became very ill. She got so ill that she told her daughter she was afraid she would die the reaction was so severe.

My partner got the flu shot recently and became very ill. His symptoms lasted about a week.

His best friend in Florida also got very sick after the injection.

There is an unprecedented number of patients reporting adverse reactions this year.

And yet, as many of my patients have reported, their physicians are telling them that this is a normal response.

It is not a normal response.

It is a severe reaction, in many cases,that can sicken and even kill someone who has it.

The pharmaceutical companies that make this product and are paid literally billions of dollars from the US government have zero liability.

Yes, you read that right.

Under George W. Bush, a law was passed which made it impossible for them to be held accountable for the adverse effects of their vaccine products.

Obama has continued this policy.

The victims of this law are those who get the vacccinations and suffer the consequences.

The companies claim that if they are to be held responsible for the ill effects of their vaccines they would lose money, money that they want to go to their investors.

Do not get the flu shot.

You have been warned.

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