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Notes from the Practice of Harold Goodman, D.O.

Osteopathy makes for more successful surgery.  Thursday, February 17, 2011

Over the years I have had considerable experience in helping patients prepare for and recover from surgery.

As many of you know, I did a three year post-graduate residency at the National Rehabilitation Hospital, Washington, DC. This provided me with considerable expertise in supporting the rehabilitation of patients who had traumatic setbacks.

However, few physiatrists or rehabilitation specialists like myself, have the tools to work with the millions of patients who receive surgery.

As an osteopathic physician I can prepare the patient for surgery and after the procedure, aid in their recovery. The reason this is possible is that I am able, as a licensed physician and surgeon, to anticipate the trauma that surgery will create and, afterwards, alleviate the dysfunction to the system which it caused.


Recently a patient came to me and said, " I want you to perform a miracle."

I thought, " OK. Here we go. I wonder what she wants me to do now."

" I have been diagnosed with colon cancer and want a holistic approach to helping myself."

I told her, " OK. The most holistic approach I know of for your condition is for you to get surgery, as soon as possible."

" I was afraid you would say that," she replied.

" I am a physician and a surgeon. It is my responsibility to do the best thing to support you. This is not a religion. I am not against drugs and surgery. I oppose unnecessary drugs and surgery. This is absolutely necessary. If you don't get surgery soon there is a good chance that the tumor, if it already has not done so, may metasticize, spread elsewhere in the body, and then you will need even more destructive therapies to stop it. You could very well die if it spreads."

"What I propose is for me to prepare you for surgery using homeopathy and osteopathic treatment so that your system can withstand the trauma of surgery. Afterwards, as soon as you can get back here, I will offer you personalized osteopathic and homeopathic treatment to ensure fast and natural healing without any side-effects. You surgeon will be astounded at your progress and success with both the surgery and your recovery."

She agreed to this and went through with the surgery.

The procedure went very well. The surgeons and physicians were surprised that she did so well.

Shortly after the surgery she came to the office. It was hard for her to get into and out of bed, go to the bathroom, move in certain ways, etc. Within a single visit she had improved so much that she was able to operate a car and prepare meals for her family as well to greatly reduce her pain medications.

After the second visit she was totally off all pain medications and back to most of her ADLs ( activities of daily living - bathing, lifting, etc.).

After two weeks post-op, two visits a week, no one could tell she had had major surgery that removed part of her colon.

As one who had a similar operation for the same diagnosis many years ago I can well appreciate the benefits of osteopathy and homeopathy in the hands of a well-trained physician and surgeon in supporting patients who get surgery. The same applies to women with difficult labor and delivery.

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