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Notes from the Practice of Harold Goodman, D.O.

Hemorrhoids can be cured. Naturally.  Sunday, August 25, 2013

I recently worked with a patient, male, 75 years of age, who told me that ever since he was quite young he has suffered from painful, persistent hemorrhoids.

At age 15 he had an operation to solve his problem. It involved excision of a fistula and a number of hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids continued to plague him for the last 60 years.

I was treating him for other things and he mentioned that the hemorrhoids were not responding to topical cremes. He was in worse pain than he normally was in. He had just accepted that he would live with the problem, the pain, forever.

I told him that this was unnecessary and that I would like to examine him to check what was causing his hemorrhoids.

I found that his pelvic floor, the muscles and connective tissue ( fascia) that surround the floor of the pelvis and via which the colon and the rectum pass, was very tight. The veins were being squeezed to the point where the fluid flow ( blood, lymphatics, intra and extracellular fluids) was being compromised.

Hemorrhoids are veins which have become inflamed. That is why anti-inflammatory cremes can provide temporary relief.

However, the problem, which is that the veins are not properly functioning due to being strangulated by the adjacent tissues through which they must pass, is not relieved.

And so the problem continues.

We can cut out the hemorrhoids or put rubber bands around them to destroy the venous tissues. These are very common surgical responses to this problem.

But as long as you continue to have veins in the area, which are essential for the body and without which you couldn't function, the same problem will persist.

There is a solution.

It is actually quite simple.

The physician puts his hand in the area via the inferior aspect of the pelvis and releases the tension in the pelvic floor especially that in an area called the ischial rectal fossa.

I learned this in osteopathic school. It was a standard part of my training as an osteopathic physician.

I examined my patient and found that his ischial rectal fossa was tight as could be. No wonder he was having strangulation of his veins there. No wonder they were becoming inflamed and swelling, causing pain.

I performed what we call an ischial rectal fossa treatment bilaterally as well as got his pelvis and adjacent structures functioning. His lymphatic system was opened up from the thoracic duct where it dumps into the venous system and all along the lymphatic routes. The downward pull of the anterior fascia was released.

I also tested him for Hamamelis virginiana ( witch hazel) in homeopathic form. This is an old remedy for hemorrhoids. I told him to take it until he felt relief and then to stop it. The purpose of the remedy is to get the ball rolling. Then the body does the rest on its own. He stopped the homeopathic pills after two doses since he felt so well.

The next week he returned and reported total relief of his hemorrhoid symptoms.

Examination of the area revealed that the veins were no longer swollen nor inflamed.

The patient, who is used to this type of response, was happy and so was I.

Osteopathy and homeopathy combined with a knowledgeable physician helped this patient.

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