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Notes from the Practice of Harold Goodman, D.O.

Examination/ Treatment from the Heart Center  Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today I saw SC, a five week old girl who was born to LC, a patient whom I cared for during her pregnancy. They are soon to return to their native land so there will not be any follow-up here.

SC is the first child I have examined from the heart center since I started to center myself this way when examining and treating patients.

As soon as I connected in this way I was overwhelmed with a totally clear mind, absolute peace, profound silence. Not Stillness but peace and silence. There was absolutely no ego, "I am" sense present.

I sat in this for about 15 minutes while I examined her. There was little to treat that I could discern. Only when I returned to the head center were some strains discernible. Otherwise, from the standpoint of the heart center, all was well.

Very, very profound and transforming.

It is obvious that this little spirit was still incarnating. Her ego was non-existent. Just pure being, spirit.

This changed my experience of the rest of the day.

What a gift.

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Newborn treatment  Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recently I have been treating a lot of newborn babies.

For the most part, the children were having problems with colic, excessive spitting up, problems nursing, sleep issues, misshapen heads, torticollis ( head deviated to one side) and other common neonatal problems.

Every one of these children presented with severe strains when I put my hands on them.

What is a strain?

It's a pull in the internal tissues of the body.

When the connective tissue, which is everywhere in the body, is twisted or pulled, the nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels ( ie. the vessels which suck up all the crud in the body and get rid of it) are unable to function normally.

The child will then get sick, be irritable, have many health problems.

So I take out the strains with very gently osteopathic treatment and the children get well.

I don't try to get the child to calm down or just get rid of the symptom.

I get rid of the reason for the symptom, the problem.

Then the child is well.

It doesn't take very long for this to happen.

If it does, I know that I am missing something important.

I also use homeopathic medicines to help the children if I believe they will be helpful.

The nice thing is that these children often do very well for many years.

Because these underlying problems in their bodies were treated early on, they tend to be a lot healthier than other kids.

There is no greater investment than getting all the problems worked out for the child when they are very young.

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